Kew Media Agency Participated in NEM Zagreb TV Writing Contest in Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia. Kew Media Agency recently attended the NEM Zagreb TV Writing Contest in Croatia, one of Europe’s most anticipated events in the TV and Film Industry.

The annual TV Writing Competition is searching for extraordinary television writers and original pilots for exposure to production companies, managers, and agencies in the European Market. This event allows stories from new and veteran screenwriters an opportunity to network, learn more about the craft of screenwriting, and get a chance to pitch to film executives. Beyond conferences, networking happens at workshops, event welcome drinks, TV writing contests, webinars, and writing groups.

“Without a doubt, the most important annual gathering of the Euro TV ad Film community. The three-day event with unrivaled programming, screenings, a coproduction, and a development marketplace. NEM Zagreb is all about content creation! From Workshops and TV Writing Contest to panels, awarding, workshops, and much more.” said Valentina Rossi Head of Film Rights Management.

With a large number of titles successfully submitted directly to the hands of film executives and decision-makers, the event is a boon for Kew Media Agency. The event also integrates us with new business possibilities and other opportunities in the European market. Aside from successfully distributing screenplays and making connections, it was also a great pleasure to discover new techniques and learn new methods of effective film production that pay homage to a specific country or culture.

The event was full of business dealings, acquiring knowledge, and building connections, most of all, it also offered fun and entertainment through balls and social engagements. It is both a business and a pleasure, I must say.