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  • Brand and Identity Portfolio Development & Booster (BIPDB)

    Starts at $49,000.00

    Brand and Idnetity Portfolio Development & Booster services are the creative catalysts that help boost your identity and brand’s visibility and influence. They develop your brand strategy, create a compelling portfolio, and connect you with high-profile luminaries and influencers to amplify your reach. With a focus on innovation and storytelling, these services help take your brand to new heights.

  • Literary & Digital Rights Management (LDRM)

    Starts at $12,000.00

    Literary & Digital Rights Management are the publishing powerhouses that help get your book in the hands of the right people. They pitch your manuscript to publishers, agents, and bookstores, and negotiate deals on your behalf. With a finger on the pulse of the publishing industry, these services are your key to unlocking your book’s potential.

  • Motion Film Project Management (MFPM)

    Starts at $39,000.00

    is the ultimate backstage pass to the glitz and glamour of the film industry. It connects you with top producers, directors, and studio executives, helping you navigate the Hollywood scene and pitch your script. With a keen eye for emerging talent and a passion for storytelling, this service is your ticket to making it big in Tinseltown.

  • Online Brand Visibility and Publicity (OBVP)

    Starts at $14,599.00

    Online Brand Visibility and Publicity services are the digital detectives that help boost your brand’s online presence. They optimize your website and social media channels, create engaging content, and connect with your target audience through influencer marketing and online advertising. With a focus on creativity and data-driven strategies, these services help your brand shine in the digital world.

  • Screenplay Rights Management (SRM)

    Starts at $29,000.00

    We’ll help get your screenplay in front of the right people. We pitch your script to production companies, agents, and managers, and negotiate deals on your behalf. With a finger on the pulse of the film industry, these services are your ticket to making your cinematic dreams a reality.